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Herpes on your mouth - does it signal a HSV-1 infection?

Herpes infection is one of the most commonly found viral diseases. It usually signals a deeper issue and that’s the main reason its so dangerous. Almost everyone these days has herpes, whether or not they know it. It is perfectly possible to have HSV-1 and not know about it, especially if you are leading a healthy way of living and are keeping your immune system strong. The problem is that sooner or later problems occur and herpes outbreaks start to emerge on the skin of face or even inside the mouth cavity.
The modern way that is accepted to deal with herpes is to get prescription for drugs, designed to get rid of the viral infection in local areas. There is an obvious issue with this approach, and it is this: the HSV will still stay in your blood and circulate through your entire body. The only reason why using those antiviral is good is that you can quickly get rid of the symptoms. The majority of women tend to stay at home if they have an outbreak, since they are ashamed. Everyone can understand their situation and knows how ugly herpes outbreaks can look, especially on them mouth Still, you can easily have herpes without being aware of that fact, because it can remain hidden under the skin. Curing your herpes is now easy though.
That’s one of the main reasons why herpes is so destructive. HSV often creates a low-level ‘cold’ symptoms, which can go untreated for years and even decades. Many complications are a result of this line of thinking. This is exactly the reason why you should become more serious about this infectious disease. This is just the tip of the iceberg of course, and many more complications await you if you decide to ignore your body’s signals. One of them is the dating difficulty which you will experience. Dating people who suffer from herpes also can be difficult, because such individuals can be difficult to find.
Much of the information on herpes today is severely outdated and doesn’t help you in any way shape or form. Much of our beliefs about herpes are derived from years ago.The fact we found out is that anyone can cure their HSV-2 infection, regardless of how severe the symptoms they experience are.Increasing your white cell count won’t help at all, because these cells do not work agains the herpes virus. Still, this can be easily fixed and as a result – your herpes infection will quickly disappear. After a couple of days you will no longer be contagious and can continue to have contact with whoever you want.

Most doctors will tell you to test one more time before you are sure you have the herpes infection, as it can be easily something else entirely. The good thing about this test is that it is quick and easy and anyone can easily go through it. It is also cheap and in many cases free, if you choose to go to your local hospital for testing.
Everyone who experiences herpes outbreaks should test themselves to determine whether they have HSV1 or HSV2.The issue here is the similarity between the symptoms both conditions have. That’s why the only way to tell them apart is proper medical testing. The bottom line is you should educate yourself as much as you can in order to avoid any herpes complications in the near future.